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About Me

Me is made up of a variety of things spanning from self to children to friends to work to personal interests to community give back and more. All that I am and do is laced in a Spirituality that recognizes the fragility and connectivity of our existence.


I’ve recently tapped deeper into the concept of “trauma”. While the current hype and lingo of trauma informed care is new, the Spirit of it has gone on for generations. In looking back, I recognize through my upbringing, I am survivor of various types trauma. This is not the passage to get into the specifics however it is a reflection point for why I have pursued different interests.


In January 2017, I enrolled in the Master of Science in Community Psychology program at Alverno. Community Psychology is a subdiscipline of psychology that is concerned with understanding people in context of their communities, the prevention of problems in living, the celebration of human diversity and the pursuit of social justice through social action. Over the course of my life, more specifically the last 15 years, I have lived the love of people and their possibility through catalytic bricks and mortar, as a Licensed Professional Counselor and an Adjunct Professor.


I’ve learned that things do not happen by accident and that there is meaning in all things; when it happens it’s supposed to, when it doesn’t it wasn’t supposed to. The meaning is not always swift to reveal itself and in the process of life, we are called continually to expand ourselves.  There was a point in time where I frowned at the phrase, "appreciate (enjoy) the journey."  I now fully and completely resonate with and embrace the journey of life. There were many long days but the years have gone fast. I’ve been a mother three times over, I’ve gained and lost allies, I’ve changed my hair and weight many times, gone through a few Presidents and Governors. With all this movement, there was always at least one thing steady: purpose.

I have no regrets, only gratitudes for the many lessons learned and opportunities that I have had to cultivate my spiritual inclinations into manifestations. I'm appreciative for being able to serve Milwaukee and have a lasting impact on our community.




D’Angell, Gabriel, Evelyn

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