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I began working very early on; somewhere around 10 years old.  An entrepreneurial spirit has always been a part of who I am.  One of my favorite memories is from selling fun size candy to raise money to surprise my mother and aunts with Mother’s Day gifts.  I worked in retail, sold newspapers on the streets, delivered newspapers door to door, babysat, made smoothies, did office work, at the casino…the list literally goes on.  At the beginning of my “professional” career, I was a Correctional Officer then Sergeant for the State of Wisconsin Department of Corrections.  I simultaneously worked as the Entertainment Assistant for the Milwaukee Brewers.  I quit the State and Brewers to venture into real estate.  Prior to starting Maures, I was a commercial appraiser.  As you can see, my interest and skills have always been varied. This curiosity follows me in all that I do.  If I can be of service, send me a message and we can discuss.

Real Estate Consulting  

Licensed Professional Counselor

Over the years, I have come to be known best for endeavors through Maures which operates on the basis of providing pride and hope to people through strategic real estate investment.  The firm has invested over $75 million of development throughout the city of Milwaukee.  There is a commitment to providing a pathway to actualizing the vision of collaborators for transformation, and liberation.  Real estate consulting can take many forms and meets the specific needs of clients.

Adjunct Professor

Utilizing the wealth of knowledge that I have gained in life, career and formal education, I teach courses that tap into business and/or psychology.  I previously taught at Alverno and currently have a class at Marquette University. 

In December 2019, I graduated from Alverno with a Master of Science in Community Psychology. Community Psychology is a subdiscipline of psychology that is concerned with understanding people in context of their communities, the prevention of problems in living, the celebration of human diversity and the pursuit of social justice through social action.  I previously served clients at Aurora Healing Center.  I am currently at Children’s Wisconsin serving youth ages 5-18 years old.  The therapeutic framework I operate from is eclectic with a basis in Existentialism leveraging person-centered/humanistic approaches with CBT.

Public Speaking

Occasionally I partake in speaking engagements.  They can be informal or formal.  I am available for keynotes, event speaker, workshop facilitation, and more. Topics can be geared to adult or youth to include but not limited to the following areas: real estate, sickle cell awareness, psychology, motivational. 

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