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Maures Development Group, LLC is one of the first for-profit, minority, and woman-owned real estate development firms in the State of Wisconsin. Maures builds quality affordable housing in urban communities and creates spaces and places that generate beauty and pride. The guiding philosophy for the organization – “leveraging bricks and mortar to bring pride and hope to people” – demonstrates its holistic approach to real estate. Maures’ journey to success tells the story of what’s possible when talent and determination is nurtured and unwavering persistence is harnessed in the face of real challenges. 


Maures Development Group, LLC is strategic in its approach to real estate endeavors. It honors both the social benefits and financial advantages to real estate development. The firm’s approach is responsive to the community’s needs, is anchored in collaborative efforts, and exhibits excellent craftsmanship and sustainability.

Site and property selection is rooted in the needs of a neighborhood, an area of town, or an intersection.  In identifying projects, sites are selected based on the ability to create critical mass -- a means of stabilizing a community by undertaking multiple projects and/or completing a development where multiple projects are being fulfilled.


Real estate is personal.  It relies on having relationships with elected officials, community groups, and the people the properties will ultimately serve.  As a native Milwaukee firm, the company has strong knowledge of the intricacies of the city’s neighborhoods and the organizations within them. This allows for a natural connection to possibilities. Maures works collaboratively with community organizations and other firms to enhance the community’s quality of life. 


Maures’ approach is also distinct in its intention to create beautiful spaces.  Attention to interior design features, exterior elements and tangible partnerships is a core operating principle.  In many of its developments, Maures contracts with local artists to create original art for the exterior and interior that reflects the community, its history and culture.  There is an art and science to being able to traverse between speaking on the block and solidifying millions in equity for development.  The delicate balance between speaking business lingo and carrying the torch and voice of community is achieved through authenticity.  Success is the unilateral objective for both community and corporation. While the methods may differ, Maures brings together aligned minds from different worlds to accomplish real transformation, while always embracing, and never denying, its roots.



What’s in a Name?

The name “Maures” is both Phoenician and Greek in origin. Maures is a derivative of the Greek word Maures meaning “black.” The Romans, after first encountering North Africans, referred to the dark skinned warriors as Maures. The word morphed over the centuries to Moors. Moors were ancient innovators, conquerors, and harnessed a particular architecture.


The original slogan for Maures was  -- Development in the Black.  This phrase still holds true and speaks to our origin and purpose. The company is black owned. The clients are urban based. The developments are innovative and as a for-profit firm, the profits will be in the black.

Refinement of the Mission

It took time for Maures to anchor in its truth. Over time, the mission evolved from lengthy rhetoric to precise intentionality, as reflected in the logos and company description below: 



Founded in 2006, GFG real estate is a commercial development firm specializing in real estate investments, acquisitions & development, management of real assets, construction management & program management. Our client base is urban-based businesses and 501C3. We strictly target blighted urban areas.  GFG Real Estate is created on a foundation of network resource/shared information utilization, often unheard of in an environment of secrets and silent deals. GFG locates opportunities educating inner city business and property owners by turning blight into might they too can acquire a foothold of wealth through development.

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We locate development opportunities that will serve as a vehicle for educating and empowering inner city businesses, residents and property owners about the socio-economic advantages of turning blight into might. Our approach to capturing market share is to establish an innovative replicable process that will lead to sustained generational urban developments. Be it current need or future income, we can show you how a revitalized community makes for increased property value and long term growth. Let us be part of the legacy you didn’t realize you can build. We tear down barriers replacing them with opportunities.




Maures is a for profit real estate development firm that leverages bricks and mortar to bring pride and hope to people.



"Maures/Melissa reflects the generosity of spirit required for true transformation in community. It has been a blessing to watch the legacy manifest."

- JoAnne Sabir, Co-Owner of Shindig and the Sherman Phoenix

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